Market & Competitor Analysis

We analyze a company’s market, value-added chain and business model

The commercial due diligence analyzes a company’s market, value-added chain and business model. In general, this analysis is needed by a potential buyer during an acquisition. The market, competitor analysis, benchmarking, customer relations, products, pricing and unique selling points are the core of the analysis and provide important answers to the following questions:

  • How strong is the market position of the target company?

  • What growth potentials does the company offer?

  • How sustainable is the business model?

  • Does the strategy of the target company fit to the strategy of the potential buyer/investor?

Core services

Among other things, we analyze and evaluate the competitive environment of the target company, its growth potentials and strategies. The results of this analysis build the foundation of the decision-making process because they provide vital financial and strategic parameter for the potential buyer in an M&A transaction.

Our comprehensive area of responsibility involves the analysis of the financial forecasts as well as the credibility of the revenue and contribution margin forecasts. These analyses are to be seen as an addition and do not replace the classic financial due diligence.

The long-term advisory experience of our employees as well as our large network of experienced industry experts provides our clients with professional advisory services and added value to their transactions.