H.C.F. offers an individual, bank-independent financing advisory

H.C.F. offers an individual, bank-independent financing advisory aligned to the particular needs of the client and has comprehensive experience with complex financing situations in the German-speaking mid-market. In addition, H.C.F. advises its clients objectively, without preferences regarding compulsory financing instruments (e.g. brand name & IP leasing).

We have detailed experience with alternative sources of financing and maintain a long-term relationship to banks, mezzanine investors as well as other investors of debt capital, nationally and internationally. We also maintain a trustful relationship to private equity investors and other equity investors (e.g. family offices). The network of H.C.F. provides a unique transparency regarding the current terms of financing like interest rates, fees, leverage ratios, covenants and demand for underwritings vs. club deals.

We advise mid-sized companies and private equity firms with:

  • Growth financing / raising capital

  • Buyout / acquisition financing

  • Financing of shareholder change

  • Refinancing (long term / short term debt)

  • Recapitalization financing

  • Equity financing / fundraising

  • Club deal financing

During the process we provide our clients with the following advisory services:

  • Company analysis including the determination of the current debt level / leverage

  • Analysis of similar completed transactions of public companies

  • Preparation of a comprehensive financial model and corresponding information documents
    – Complete capital structure / alternative scenarios
    – Teaser, information memorandum, bank book, etc.

  • Optimization of the financing structure
    – Senior and mezzanine debt, bonds, factoring, leasing, private shareholder loan, equity
    – Refinancing of existing bank liabilities with subordinated debt or deductions
    – Renegotiation of loan durations, interest rates, cash flow optimization, covenants, etc.

  • Identification / approach of potential financing partners

  • Support with the preparation of necessary documents for all relevant steps during the process (management meetings, due diligence, etc.)

  • Support during term sheet and loan agreement negotiations

  • Discrete and professional process management